Webcomics Weekly News Roundup – October 29, 2008

» webcomics.com is now owned and operated by Halfpixel. They’re pushing for it to become a community resource.

» Webcomic Idol is underway over at Bomb Shelter Comics. Contests include: Shi Long Pang, The Superfogeys, The Book of Biff, Soul Driver, Simulated Comic Product, Xylia, Newspaper Comic Strip, Marooned, Lawn Darts and Calamities of Nature.

» Panel Flow launches with beta CMS to replace Comics Press.

» PC Weenies’ Krishna Sadasivam will draw you a robot for $25. $50 for color.

» The “Out of Sequence” exhibit at Krannert Museum opens this Friday. Billed as Underrepresented Voices in American Comics, it includes artists both in print and web.

» Starting yesterday, Shane Johnson will post fan drawings of their life in a cube along side his.

» Super Art Fight 2 has been scheduled for December 20th.

Webcomics in the National Press:

» Toronto’s The Globe and Mail writes about XKCD creator Randall Monroe.

Anniversaries & Milestones:

» American Elf turns 10 years old.

» SuperFogeys concluded its 5th Chapter with the death of a major character on Tuesday.


» Danny Burleson was interviewed on the “Open Mike, Insert Foot” podcast.

» Comic Book Resources interviewed Chris Eliopoulos

New webcomics:

» Vincent LaBate and Braden D Lamb have started a new weekly feature called Kitty Hawk, or as they describe it, “a new pulp adventure comic.”

» Daniel Davis’ new webcomic, Monster Commute, is drawn completely as a vector image.

» Kazu Kibuishi has posted a new New Copper Comic

» Shane Johnson has his first cartoon series on the Palm Mobile blog.

» 1Pt.Rule is a 3x weekly that launched over on 36 Point website. 1Pt.Rule is about two graphic designers.

2 thoughts on “Webcomics Weekly News Roundup – October 29, 2008

  1. I do like the webcomics.com site as a cartoonist seeking information. In fact Corey Pandolph has an interesting column there that laments the negativity often found in discussions of the print/web comics relationship.

    I also like it that new webcomics are announced here. What are the criteria to make it on this list, or is it more or less random/seemingly newsworthy?

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