Nate Beeler’s cartoons now run at index card size

Mike Rhode notes that The Washington Examiner editorial cartoonist Nate Beeler’s cartoons have been reduced to the size of an index card 3×4 inches.

Mike notes that, “when the paper started a few years ago, Nate’s cartoon ran at about 1/3 of a page and they had two pages of comic strips which are now gone.”

One thought on “Nate Beeler’s cartoons now run at index card size

  1. That’s not an index card, that’s a post-it note. Our local Alternative tabloid-The Scene, shrank the size of Bors cartoon to about the same size. This isn’t just an obvious disservice to readers making the cartoons hard to read-it’s also wasting the drawing ability of both cartoonists.

    The sad reality is many editorial cartoons aren’t run much larger. Mine run a little bigger but are dwarfed by the size Borgman’s cartoons used to run in Cincy. This all runs counter to the heavy emphasis on visuals and page designers at papers these days.

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