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PreTeena to live on in graphic novel form

Alison Burrows has announced that her feature PreTeena may not end after all. In the gocomics comments of the announcement that she was retiring the strip, she has posted the news that she is currently working on a series of graphic novels with a new publisher.

To all of you, I’m humbled. Your kind words leave me choked up – again – at what I was deeply reluctant to do. Rama and Laurel, I ended the strip without a “goodbye” to fans because it’s not over yet: traditional newspaper syndication is at an end (we all know the future of print: RIP), but I’m currently working on a series of graphic novels with a new publisher. PreTeena went to ComicCon a little over a week ago and was enthusiastically received by major book stores who are excited about stocking and promoting PreTeena in its new form.

I “ended” the strip without ending it: I always imagined Teena and Gordo together, but now we have a little window into their future. The books will give me an opportunity to “grow” them.

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Community Comments

#1 Jeff Conner
@ 9:13 pm

Ok. Let me get this straight. Print is dead, so she is going to go the print graphic novel route?

#2 mark carey
@ 1:25 pm

Print is not dead, newspaper print is dying. Allison is a marketing wiz and knows the reading of books is not dead.

#3 J.G. Moore
@ 4:34 pm

Graphic Novels/comic books have been “hot” for about 20 years. The only real growth in publishing right now is in Graphic Novels/comic books. Not to mention the fact that most of the movie studios are looking to this “area” for movie ideas:

Not to mention:

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