Superman themed story-line begins in Winkerbean

Yesterday’s Funky Winkerbean kicks off a three week Superman-themed story-line to salute the Man of Steel. The series takes a trip home where the character of Superman was conceived 75 years ago. Glenville, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, was the childhood home of “Superman” co-creator Jerry Siegel. As the story goes, the idea for a comic-book character with super powers came to teenager Jerry in a dream in 1933. He raced to share the idea with his artist friend, Joe Shuster and a superhero was born.

Tom Batiuk, Funky Winkerbean creator cites his own visit last year to the historic home as “inspirational,” because as a child, the legend of Superman meant a whole lot to him. “Those stories do what superheroes do best – they save you,” he said.

5 thoughts on “Superman themed story-line begins in Winkerbean

  1. Man, i wanted to make that joke so much but just didn’t know if it would come across as funny or mean. I see now that it comes off as hilarious. Rats. What with 8 out of 10 of the “related stories” about someone with cancer, the joke had to be made. Well done Mr. Diesslin, well done.

  2. Aw shucks, thanks guys. Jim, I wasn’t sure either, but I couldn’t resist so I just ignored that little voice. It’s still early though. Jason, well said.

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