Patience if you’re comments aren’t coming through

In the last week since I upgraded my blogging software and related plugins, a few of you have emailed me saying that your comments weren’t being posted. All comments run through a filter to weed out spam and some of you have been blacklisted by Akismet (a central internet database that logs known spammers). I don’t know why you’re being flagged now, but be assured that I am looking for some kind of solution that allows me to whitelist those affected.

This blog receives hundreds of spam attempts a day, so removing the filter would degrade the comments section significantly. Until I resolve this issue, please feel free to email me if you think you’ve been caught in the filter.

Thanks for your patience.

One thought on “Patience if you’re comments aren’t coming through

  1. Hi, if you can send some details to us we will try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.
    Sorry for the trouble.

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