WPWG to launch “Home and Away”

Washington Post Writers Group has posted notice that they will be launching a new feature on June 23rd called Home and Away by Steve Sicula. The featute’s premise is about a husband and wife dealing with the juggling act that is maintaining a home in today’s hectic world. The husband, Sam, telecommutes and mostly manages the home, while his wife, Sandy, is often away on business. They have two kids.

From the description:

It’s school-picture day and Karen has nothing clean to wear. Timmy can’t find his cleats and soccer practice is in 10 minutes. Sam is working from home but his conference call is running an hour late, and Sandy is away on business.

If this scenario seems oh-so-familiar, be prepared to see yourself in the mirror when you read Home and Away, a new daily and Sunday comic strip by Steve Sicula that is being distributed by The Washington Post Writers Group.

The strip features Sam and Sandy Szwyk, typical parents juggling careers and child care. Sam and Sandy find it hard enough to make sure Karen and Timmy are where they need to be when they need to be there (not to mention appropriately dressed); when you factor in their business travel schedules, you’ve got barely managed chaos. That’s why love, respect and a got-your-back support system are the trinity behind Sam and Sandy’s relationship. It’s what they depend upon at home and away.

Despite their mutual support, there are still kinks in the Szwyks’ system. Sam telecommutes, so he handles most of the household chores รข?? for which he would earn an “A” for effort but a “C” for execution. Sandy’s high-paying job logging lots of frequent-flyer miles means that “quality time” with Sam and the kids is all the more important to her. And she’s determined to make it meaningful even if everyone else just wants to stay home and watch cartoons.

Steve has been drawing cartoons in the side for the last 20 years. Currently he is a national sales manager for ViewSonic Corporation.

9 thoughts on “WPWG to launch “Home and Away”

  1. What a coincidence, running hot on the heels of “Daddy’s Home”, which I’m enjoying a lot.

    Good luck with those daily deadlines, Steve!

  2. Hmmm, I don’t think I’ll follow this one. I don’t like it much. Nothing original to see there, and the artwork is a bit “blah,” too.

    And I swear, the main character looks like “Dave,” star of the defunct comic by Dave Miller.

  3. Thanks Gents. Looking forward to the adventure (and lunch today). Charles, thanks for at least taking the time to check out the strip and providing feedback. All feedback is valuable.

  4. Oh, and BTW, “gents” is Texan for “Gentleman” AND “Gentlewoman” ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I just read an article in “The Augusta Chronicle” of Augusta, GA about “Home and Away” beginning to run in the “Chronicle”.

    The following quote from Mr. Sicula was printed, “Home and Away” is a window into my wife and I’s life, the cartoonise said.\

    “I’s”??!!?? What kind of word is that? I am sure that Perdue University is proud of that statement. I hope that if that is the best grammar Mr. Sicula will be using in his cartoon that children do not read it. They already have too many examples of poor grammar.

    Using words like “I’s” is not just a slip of the tongue, it indicates poor learning.

  6. Sorry Edith…just a typo. That quote was lifted from the press release which read, “…a window into my wife’s and MY life”. Now please tell me you were kidding when you spelled “Purdue” with and “e” instead of a “u”. I should be happy you didn’t call it “Purdon’t” as most do come the NCAA tourney time:) Hope you enjoy the strip.

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