Stay Tooned! Magazine launches

John Reads long attempt to start his Stay Tooned! quarterly magazine has hit its first milestone – launching. The premiere issue features Marcus Hamilton (Dennis the Menace), John Rose (Snuffy Smith), Greg Cravens (The Buckets), Scott Stantis (Prickly City), Steve Kelley (The Times-Picayune), Marshall Ramsey (The Clarion-Ledger), Steven Butler (Sonic X), John Deaton (The Toon Factory) and Rob Corley (Funny Pages Productions). The magazine will also have three columns by Tom Richmond (MAD Magazine), Norm Feuti (Retail) and R.C. Harvey (Rants & Raves)

Subscriptions are new available. Issue #1 is $9.00 or you can opt for the 5 issue subscription for only $36. Visit John’s web site to purchase.

10 thoughts on “Stay Tooned! Magazine launches

  1. My copy came in the mail today.

    Very much worth reading. I can’t put it down. Great interviews, articles from Norm Feuti and R.C. Harvey.

    Can’t wait for the next issue.

  2. I’m just so happy that despite of the many magazines’ downfall, there are still new magazines that’s drawing a unique name in the industry. Congratulations to Stay Tooned! I want to get a copy of their first issue and see what’s in store for me. =)

  3. I filled out a subscription on-line a few weeks back, but haven’t received anything yet. Anyone know how long it takes to receive it?

  4. John delivered one to my front door yesterday. Your copy should take a few more days to get to you through the mail. He did a good job on the magazine — it’s a good read. Jud Hurd would be proud.

  5. Congratulations at having the magazine launch at long last, John! I can’t wait for my issue.

  6. I decided to order a sample copy of #1 in mid-March, and I have yet to receive anything. I also haven’t gotten any reply to my e-mail. Not a good way to start a new venture.

  7. My dad made ‘dis!! It’s a great magazine, and his 2nd will come out soon. I’m excited for him!!

  8. I just sent off for my sub. Can’t wait to get it. Between my bungalow in the hills here in WV and my place in CT and my commuting back and forth to NY, forces me get mail a few days later than normal people.
    – Peter

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