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Caller-Times expands comics page with 11 features

The Caller-Times, Corpus Christi TX, reports that they have added 11 new comic features to their daily comics page and five new Sunday comics. The paper reports that after dropping Lynn Johnston’s For Better or For Worse two months ago, readers insisted the paper reinstate the feature. As a result the editor decided to bring back FBOFW and add a few more features.

“Comics have long been a favorite part of the newspaper for many readers, and we want to respond to even more people by offering more strips,” said Libby Averyt, Caller-Times editor. “We could have just brought back “For Better or Worse” and deleted something else, but instead we chose to add more strips to the newspaper.

“Few newspapers our size have the selection of comics that we do, and we try to publish a variety of strips that appeal to different audiences.”

New Sunday features include: Pajama Diaries, Retail, Rhymes with Orange, Rudy Park and the return of For Better or For Worse. New features that start in today’s paper include the above mentioned features plus: Brevity, Clear Blue Water, Condorito, Frazz, Jumpstart and Mutts.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 6:49 am

Wow, now here’s a news that you rarely hear everyday.

And congrats to Norm Feuti for getting another paper.

#2 Larry Levine
@ 7:23 am

Caller-Times, I salute you!

#3 Norm Feuti
@ 8:13 am

Thanks, Charles!

#4 Dave James
@ 8:36 am

It is snowing in Hell!

#5 Rich Diesslin
@ 10:36 am

Alan, could you get a follow-up with them in a few months and see if their circulation increases, stays the same or declines? It would be interesting to see if there is any effect. Also, if ad revenues change. Kudos anyway for adding features!

#6 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 11:48 am

“Retail” is great! Congrats, Norm!

#7 Terri Libenson
@ 7:54 am

Norm, congrats — that’s great!

#8 hsaffell
@ 8:31 am

Good for Retail…been reading it on-line(Seattle P-I)for some time. I have read, at least once. all of the others online, except Pajama Diaries…that is a new one. Never seen it online, is it?

#9 Terri Libenson
@ 8:43 am

Pajama Diaries has been syndicated for almost 2 years. Just click on my name to get to the website. Hope you like.

#10 Norm Feuti
@ 8:55 am

Wow, thanks everyone! I can’t decide what excites me more – the sale, or the fact that a newspaper is actually increasing the number of comics they carry!

Let’s hope it’s a trend.

#11 Thad Ogburn
@ 9:17 am

First, Raleigh. Second, Corpus Christi. One more and it’s definitely a trend!

#12 Norm Feuti
@ 9:22 am

“First, Raleigh. Second, Corpus Christi. One more and itâ??s definitely a trend!”

If it does become a trend, you get 100% credit for starting it, Thad. Kudos! And congratulations on your promotion too.

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