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Etta Hulme interviewed

Daryl Cagle has posted a short interview with Etta Hulme, the most widely syndicated female editorial cartoonist.

Says Cagle:

Etta is a charming, talented, grandmotherly character and her cartoons are just as warm and charming – in sharp contrast to the harsh, younger cartoonists.

Indeed. I enjoyed the video clip and hope the larger documentary is aired.

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 10:26 am

It is nice to see the cartoonist behind the cartoons, so I guess that’s the point. The interview didn’t really go anywhere … or is this just a portion of it?

#2 Charles Brubaker
@ 10:30 am

The clip is from “Trailblazer: The Editorial Cartoons of Etta Hulme.” It was a documentary by E.K. Miller and it was screened in Lexington, KY during the AAEC convention.

#3 Rich Diesslin
@ 10:38 am

Ah, that explains it! Thanks Charles!

#4 Stacy Curtis
@ 11:54 am

Etta is one of the most under-appreciated cartoonists around.
Her work is great. She deserves a Pulitzer.

#5 Rick Stromoski
@ 2:32 pm

Doesn’t she have one?

#6 Charles Brubaker
@ 2:48 pm

Nope. The only women cartoonists to ever win Pulitzer are Signe Wilkinson and Ann Telnaes.

#7 Wiley Miller
@ 4:31 pm

I think Etta has been nominated for the Pulitzer, but I’m not absolutely certain about that.
I’ve known Etta for a couple of decades, and she’s one of my favorite human beings on the planet. The most wonderful person you’ll ever meet.

#8 Rich Diesslin
@ 10:27 pm

Just from this small glimpse she seems like a combination of Aunt Bee (sp) and catwoman. Is that even close?

#9 Mike Lester
@ 6:18 am

More like Mrs. Butterworth meets exhumed Billy Martin.

#10 Harold Clayton
@ 7:36 am

I searched the Pulitzer Prize web site and, as unjust as it may be, Etta Hulme has not won a Pulitzer, nor has she ever been a nominated finalist.

#11 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 10:48 am

“More like Mrs. Butterworth meets exhumed Billy Martin.”

#12 Lydia Sanchez
@ 6:35 am

I was sorry to hear that she was in the hospital. I have been enjoying her editorial cartoons for some time, and missed her when she didn’t show.

I was surprised when I saw her picture, as I had a totally different person in mind.

Get well soon, and begin drawing and commenting again soon. We miss you.

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