Jerry Warshaw passes away at age 78

Jerry Warshaw, who worked on the American Adventure comic strip and was the editorial cartoon for the Evanston beacon (IL) has passed away at the age of 78. Mark Brown, a Sun-Times columnist, has a fond obit.

Over the years, Jerry’s cartoons appeared in everything from Playboy to Rotarian Magazine to newspaper ads for the old First National Bank. He illustrated more than 20 children’s books, but was particularly proud of his own, A Funny Drawing Lesson, which he would use to give drawing lessons in schools — and later in the nursing home.

5 thoughts on “Jerry Warshaw passes away at age 78

  1. Where did you get the info that Warshaw worked on “The American Adventure”? It’s not in the linked obit. As far as I know the cartoonists on that feature were Dan Heilman and Edwin Haeberle.

    Allan Holtz

  2. Paul Leiffer and Hames Ware’s Comic Strip Project has this for their Jerry Warshaw entry:
    Warshaw, Jerry
    b. June 12, 1929, Chicago, Ill.
    US Army service
    asst. cs â??The American Adventureâ? â??50-â??51
    studio artist â??58-â??70
    freelance illustrator and designer â??70â??
    author, The I Canâ??t Draw Book â??71
    r. CA [Contemporary Authors]

    And they have this for their The American Adventure entry:
    art Dan Heilman â??49-â??51
    asst. Jerry Warshaw â??50-â??51
    Edwin Haeberle â??51

  3. I recently found 2 decks of playing cards . The comics on the cards seem to all be medical themed. They are signed warshaw be don’t have a date just ©. Does anyone know any info about the cards? Thanks

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