The Great Halloween Theme Editorial Cartoon Research Project results

Clay Jone’s Great Halloween Theme Editorial Cartoon Research Project is now over and he’s declared the winner to the editorial cartoonist that used the most Halloween gags in their cartoons.

The winners are:

But wow, 97. Hey, let’s find out who drew the most and hope it wasn’t me. (this is where you pretend I’m away for a while while I’m counting, which I was). And the winner is….drumroll please…………..It’s a freaking tie. Crap! I didn’t do this all freaking month for two of these people to tie. Now I gotta split the prize up. You guys suck. OK, our tied winners with a huge FIVE a piece are…..Rob Rogers from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Paul Combs of Tribune Media Services. Boys, your candy is on the way…as soon as I’m done procrastinating and if I don’t eat it all before I send it.

Let’s see who our runner ups are. The cartoonist with four a piece are, me..I did four which means I almost won my own stupid contest. No, that would have been a tie too because Gordon Campbell drew four. The cartoonists who drew three are Gary Varvel, Lisa Benson, John Rose, Randy Bish, Ron Rogers, Phil Hands, Mark Streeter and Mike Luckovich.

If you’re a cartoonist who’s reading this and wondering how many you drew…you drew two. OK? Just leave it at that.

The purpose of this project? He writes:

I’m not really sure why I’m doing this project. I don’t know if I’m making a point or not. And if I’m trying to point out how lame and repetitive it is to draw Halloween toons over and over then I’m proving it by example.

Scroll through his blog for links to the Halloween cartoons.