Watch part of Mike Peters’ Festival of Cartoon Art presentation

From most reports Mike Peters had the most entertaining presentation of the OSU Festival of Cartoon Art last weekend. Thanks to Mark Anderson, we have video of the last 7 minutes of Mike’s presentation.

4 thoughts on “Watch part of Mike Peters’ Festival of Cartoon Art presentation

  1. Thanks Mark (and Alan) for sharing that! I wasn’t able to be there Saturday’s sessions, but this was one I really wanted to see. What a hoot.

    For any who have made presentations with cartoons, Mike shows a very good way to do it. Normally everyone reads at different paces and “gets it” at different times, so it’s hard to get a group reaction. But he essentially set it up and then read it, that seemed work well. More like telling a joke that way.

    BTW – Anne, nice meeting you and John at the reception on Friday!

  2. My nickname for Mike after that panel was “Flubber.” Mort Walker, who said he’s known Mike for “a long time,” told me he’s always been like that, and that they’ve called him “the Energizer Bunny.” What a joy it was watching and listening to Mike talk about his cartoons.

  3. Rich, thanks, it was nice to meet you too and also Tim Ellis. He was right – he is a Peter Jackson look-a-like LOL!

    It was a really great event – all the presentations were so interesting.

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