Bill Mauldin and Jules Feiffer to share Chicago exhibit

“History Revealed” is a new exhibit in Chicago that will feature the cartoon art of Bill Mauldin and Jules Feiffer. The show opens Friday, October 26 and runs through January 26th 2008 and includes watercolors, original pen and ink, illustrations and a limited edition reprint of Bill’s famous “Weeping Lincoln.”

This exhibition will explore subtleties between the work of these two men, whose editorial cartoons continue to be socially and politically relevant. Original watercolor drawings, editorial cartoons, and Feiffer’s illustrations from The Long Chalkboard (2006) will be shown. In addition, new limited edition prints by Bill Mauldin will be featured, including a special limited edition printing of Mauldin’s iconic “Weeping Lincoln” image.

The exhibition is at the Jean Albano Gallery. Check their web site for details.

Hat tip: Mike Rhode