Amy Lago talks to Comics Coast To Coast

Amy Lago, comics editor at the Washington Post, was the guest on this weeks Comics Coast to Coast podcast.

She handles Berke Breathed and Brian Crane to name a couple, and has helped launch Darby Conley, Stephan Pastis, and Jef Mallett. Amy lets us in on what an editor does and how we can help her help us! She also has some advice to aspiring cartoonists and some essential tips when preparing their submissions. Amy also shares with us three brand new comics that she and the WPWG are launching. Give us a listen to find out what they are.

2 thoughts on “Amy Lago talks to Comics Coast To Coast

  1. I think this was one of their best podcasts yet! The Amy Lago interview was great and is a must listen for any aspiring cartoonist, but it’s the person (and website) they mentioned towards the end that I liked hearing on the air. ::cheesy grin::

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