Online editorial cartoonists Cox and Forkum end partnership

Online editorial cartoonists duo John Cox and Allen Forkum have decided to end their online cartoons. Allen wrote and John drew the cartoons, but it was Allen who decided that he had to refocus his energies.

From their blog:

For better or worse, I’ve always had to approach the editorial cartoon work as a “part time” career. I never quit my “day job” as co-owner of a small newspaper publishing business. The editorial work, though intellectually rewarding, is not very rewarding financially. Furthermore, researching the cartoons, writing/designing them, managing the blog, publishing the books, marketing them, and running the business side all take an enormous amount of time.

All of that comes with the territory, of course, and John and I have done pretty well over the last six years. We’re fairly well known on the Internet, we have a few newspaper and magazine clients, we’ve self-published four books, and we’ve made some money, if not a living. But lately, for reasons I won’t go into here, I can no longer afford to divert so much time and attention away from my publishing business and other personal concerns, such as my family.

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