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Lynn Johnston to Increase Her Content on the Web

A reader sent me the link to a CBC News interview with Lynn Johnston, creator of For Better or For Worse. It’s a typical interview with Lynn, but still a good read. A couple of items that I think qualifies for news is her intent to use her web site to post additional material regarding characters and story-lines as she moves into the hybrid format. I interpret that to be like the extra features you’d find on a DVD. The decision to do this came after experimenting with the hybrid form and trying to resolve the disconnect between her earlier drawing style with her current style.

Additionally revealed in this interview is news that her team that helps produce the FBOFW strip also does commercial and graphic art and that is an area where Lynn wants to take her creative energies. Her team is currently working on a wrap-around for a tax cab.

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#1 g saffell
@ 8:35 am

Loving FBOFW as I do ,I will read Lynn anywhere and anywhen, so long as she will write!

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