Opus temporarily dropped in over 25 papers

Berkeley Breathed’s Opus has been temporarily dropped by 25 or more papers today and next week as the topic involves the Lola Granola’s character converting to “radical islamist.” Salon.com, carries the strip says many editors were afraid of offending muslim readers. Another aspect to the strip was a not-so-subtle reference to sex.

9 thoughts on “Opus temporarily dropped in over 25 papers

  1. “afraid of offending muslim readers”

    For crying out loud. I am so sick and tired of the world pandering to these people. If it were Christians, no one would hesitate to offend and no one would be afraid to run it.

    We’re being bullied and no one is willing to bully back. Bravo to Berkeley, not that the strip is offensive in anyway. My God, it’s stating the obvious about Islam. A womans role, muslims world view on western culture…geesh….it seems when muslims are faced with their own beliefs, they see how obsurd some of them are and start to attack the messengers.

    But let’s look at islam another way. Is it any different than nazism? Both hate Jews and want them irradicated off the face of the earth. Both want to institute a new world order ruled by the iron fist of their beliefs and laws. nazism wanted a master race, islam wants a master religion. If Berkeley was to replace the muslim reference to a nazi reference, I am sure not a sound from anyone.

    I can see our world heading down the path of madness, just like Germany.

  2. I think this type of “pandering” as Jeff calls it is exactly what Berkeley is attempting to comment on. As far as the not so subtle reference to sex, I’ve seen much LESS subtle.

    I know, let’s declare jihad against the editors who DIDN’T run the strip.

  3. Did I miss something, or has the world gone completely MAD with political correctness?? It would seem more often than not – that some group is crying about how some comic strip offended someone. Oh, BOO HOO!

    Case in point:
    – June 29, 2007 – Popeyeâ??s suicide gag not funny for all as comic depicts Olive Oyl with a gun to her head threatening suicide…
    – July 23, 2007 – Funky Winkerbeanâ??s cancer arc getting mixed reviews as the New Jersey Star-Ledger reports on various reactions from readers who are upset…
    – Aug. 13, 2007 – Tom Toles cartoon generated complaints to the Washington Post…
    – Aug. 22, 2007 – Black leaders demanding Ed Gamble be fired over one of Edâ??s editorial cartoons that depicted a gunman wearing a â??Donâ??t Snitchâ? T-shirt calling two little children a â??good little ho!â?…

    And now…Opus has been “temporarily dropped” because some editors were “afraid of offending Muslim readers”….. AFRAID???
    In my opinion – maybe those Editors should be fired or at the very least reprimanded because they were too afraid to exercise their rights -“Freedom of the Press” and Freedom of Speech”
    Has it really come to this? Editors won’t run something because they’re afraid of what someone “might” say? How pathetic is that?

    It reminds me of a quote from Mark Twian: The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.

    I said it once, and I’ll say it again….
    Letâ??s remember folks – ITâ??S A COMIC STRIP!!!

  4. This is absolute bullpucky. If these clowns are just looking to pander to these radicals, then they are winning. If anything, we SHOULD be putting out MORE offensive stuff! Maybe it’ll draw them out and we can get rid of them once and for all! This country has gone/is going to heck in a handbasket because of all this feel good/politically correct/short memoried/liberal lunacy. It’s going to take a full scaled invasion by our enemies for these idiots to figure it out.

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