More papers replacing B.C. and Wizard of Id

I continue to find more papers that are dropping Johnny Hart’s B.C. and Bryant Parker’s Wizard of Id. Both paper’s appear in the 1000+ newspaper level, so statistically, there was bound to be many papers that dropped the features.

The Day (Connecticut), is dropping B.C. and holding a poll to find out who should take it’s place. Up for nominations include: F Minus, Raising Hector, Cafe Con Leche, Red And Rover, Triple Take, and Leo (sic). Polls just opened and it looks like Red and Rover is a head with 7 votes. Voting ends on the Monday the 11th.

The Asheville Citizen-Times (N.C.) will also dropped B.C. and Wizard of Id effective June 17th. No features have been named for replacements, but readers are encouraged to email in their suggestions.

The South Bend Tribune will add Stephan Pastis’ Pearls Before Swine in place of The Wizard of Id.

The Bangdor Daily News has swapped out B.C. for Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur on the daily comics and will be running Dog Eat Doug and Pickles in trial mode (three months each) in their Sunday pages.

3 thoughts on “More papers replacing B.C. and Wizard of Id

  1. How can anyone replace BC and the Wizard of ID with the likes of Pickles, Pearls before Swine or the other crap that the Day is proposing. The comics are supposed to be funny and all of these are the WORST.

  2. While I like Pickles, Pearls Before Swine, and Lio, I agree with you, Martn, on the other comics. But to be fair I think the Wizard of Id ran short of humor years ago, but I considered BC to still be strong right on up to Hart’s death. There’s no comic that can “replace” them, all they’re doing is “substituting.”

  3. As a cartoonist, I have always liked Wizard of Id for it’s loose stylized drawing. I’ve always found the art to be so cool that I really was able to forgive content that I might not find that funny. But perhaps the perspective of the average reader is quite different.

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