Mandrake the Magician heading to big screen?

A movie based on the Mandrake the Magician comic is heading into production to be a movie. Criss Angel, an illustionist/magician who has a television show called “Mind Freak”, is cast as the main character and will provide some of the special effects. Chuck Russell, who directed The Mask and The Scorpion King has signed as as director.

Criss Angel as quoted on The Film Assylum

“I’ve just signed on to do a movie which I’ll be shooting at the end of this year called ‘Mandrake,'” Angel said. “Which is based on the comic book strip. It’s gonna kind of be like a kind of cool realm of ‘The Crow’ but different of Mandrake the magician coming to life. I’m designing and creating the visual effects for that, as well as going to be acting in it. So that’s a very exciting prospect that I’m looking forward to do.”

Comparing how magic and illusions have been portrayed in past movies, he added, “I know that the ‘Mandrake’ project really gets it. Being involved from the beginning in the creation of the script, and of the characters and effects, really gives me an opportunity to work with the director to make sure that it’s really seamless with how they coexist and work hand in hand, and how one supports the other and it’s not contrived and it’s not cheesy. So, I’m really excited about ‘Mandrake’ and I’m hoping that they’ll get it right better than anyone’s gotten it yet.”

“Mandrake the Magician” was created back in 1934 by Lee Falk and features a magician who uses his magic and illusions to fight crime.

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  1. mandrake the second greatest advenure strip of all time. what n ewspapers still carry it?

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