Dagwood Sandwich shoppe reviewed in the Palm Beach Post

Dean Young, son of Blondie creator Chic Young opened up a chain of sandwich shops last year called Dagwood Sandwich Shoppe.

The Palm Beach Post food critic, Charles Passy, has written up a review of his recent experience eating there.

But the real appeal of Dagwood’s may be its signature Dagwood sandwich. It costs $9.69 – more than anything at Subway, I’m sure – but it’s worth every penny. The chain calls it a “skyscraper” of a meal and they’re right: the fillings include hard salami, pepperoni, cappicola, mortadella, deli ham, cotto salami, cheddar and provolone cheeses, red onions, green-leaf lettuce, tomatoes, fresh and roasted red bell peppers, mayo, mustard and the chain’s “secret Italian olive salad” Oh, and it’s held together with a giant “olive skewer.”

The thing is more than enormous. It’s ginormous! But quantity isn’t taking the place of quality – the meats are all top-of-the-line and the whole thing holds together beautifully, even if it’s a little hard to get your mouth around it. But isn’t that the point of a Dagwood sandwich?

The sandwich web site has a video of what to experience at the restaurant chain. There are currently three shops that are open with 10 more that are opening this summer.