Is Michael Ramirez Jeff MacNelly’s artistic successor?

I found this blog post interesting in the question that it poses. Is Michael Ramirez Jeff MacNelley’s successor in regards to unmatched artistic ability?

Pulitzer-Prize-winning political cartoonist Michael Ramirez is Jeff MacNelly’s brilliant successor in political cartoon artistry. His work is like no one else’s. And here’s the best part: He has the same opinion about the vile castro as we do. So he’s one of us.

I guess one could argue that Gary Brookins is the immediate successor as his drawing style mirrors that of Jeff’s and he basically took over all of Jeff’s comic endeavors. As far as conservative editorial cartoonists – who comes closest to Jeff’s talent? Ramirez? What say you?

6 thoughts on “Is Michael Ramirez Jeff MacNelly’s artistic successor?

  1. Are we talking about just draftsmanship? Ramirez is a great artist but there are other cartoonists who are as good if not better. I’ve always loved David Catrow’s work but it looks like he’s gotten out of editorial cartooning.

    If you’re talking about just conservatively-oriented cartoonists then he probably is the best draftsman of that group. But then you have to start looking at the ideas behind the drawings (otherwise, why make the distinction?) and I think that’s where Ramirez is a bit weaker.

  2. I guess the problem I’m having is that I can’t think of any really good idea men in the conservative ranks. Maybe Mike Luckovich? Is he still considered conservative?

  3. MacNelly was a true original (I know, ironic, given the number of MacNelly “clones” out there) and I don’t think there is anyone who comes close to the combination you’re looking for. Maybe Paul Combs. Steve Kelley’s comic and political sensibilities are certainly close to Jeff’s, albeit in a more standup, white collar vein…

  4. Editorial cartooning is something that is extremely subjective, and ideology plays a role in what we like and what we don’t like. Also, it’s hard to compete against someone who’s no longer with us.

    Having said all that, I think Mike Ramirez’s work is second to none, in artistic style and execution as well as in ideas. I’m rarely disappointed by a Ramirez cartoon.

    By the way…who ever considered Luckovich a conservative???????

  5. I about choked when I saw this headline come up while googling Jeff MacNelly.

    Sure, if you narrowly define “artisitc” successor to just talk about the visual aspect of their political cartoons, then yeah, Ramirez is in MacNelly’s league.

    And I’ll give Ramirez this too, he has a sense of humor. Although I often disagree with the opinions he expresses through his cartoons, at least they are often quite witty, unlike, say, that waste of ink Scott Stanis who couldn’t draw or write a joke to save his life.

    But Ramirez’s predictable perspecive utterly torpedoes his humor. MacNelly, to my recollection, was a pretty equal opportunity joker, and often mocked fools whatever their ideology. Ramirez’s in contrast is just tedious.

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