Girls and Sports book gets less than stellar review (UPDATED)

Tom Spurgeon reviews Girls and Sports book:

I’m saying all of that because while I’m sure that Justin Borus and Andrew Feinstein are nice guys who make certain people laugh, I hated this book.

Ouch. Read the full review.

UPDATE: Andrew Feinstein writes in to point out that, despite Tom’s review, there have been many very favorable reviews.

3 thoughts on “Girls and Sports book gets less than stellar review (UPDATED)

  1. Every man is entitled to his opinion, so I guess I’m entitled to mine. Personally, I’m an avid reader of G&S (even get a daily comic e-mailed to me). Why? — Because the simplicity of the artwork, character dimensions, and specifically the relationship comedy that makes the strip/book charming. As opposed to enforcing insidious male lifestyle choices like, say, THE GAME…Pinky Probes manages to walk that fine line of guy humor and telling it like it is out there in the dating world. Not to mention mock the sporting world perfectly, a world which has managed to repulse and draw its fans closer as of late. The book and the strip may not be polished (perhaps for lack of capital), but I think Spurgeon missed the boat on its subtext. He’s eloquent, no doubt about that. But it’s that same high and mighty eloquence that drives critics to bash great nuanced humor if it isn’t found in the pages of The New Yorker. But guys like Spurgeon are all pretty much the same — getting old and telling you how much they once loved THE SIMPSONS, but can’t stand to watch the Fox network any more…

  2. From what I’ve seen I think he pulls off the analogy between girls and sports pretty well … it’s not an association I would have made. Girls and cats maybe … [ ;-{)}

  3. As much as I hate to admit it, the reviewer does make a few rather well-informed, well-supported points.

    However, I also have to call into question if he’s actually one of the demographic the strip is aimed at. In other words, does he actually date much? Is he a bar-goer? A sports fan?

    This is a niche strip, in many respects. His perspective might be wrong.

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