A note to Daily Cartoonists

You may have noticed that in the last month or so, a decline in the number of posts and on some days, no posts at all. For this I apologize. I’ve not lost my interest in the blog or the newspaper cartooning community, but have been overwhelmed by a work project that has consumed many evenings and left me slumbering through normal morning blogging hours in order to reclaim necessary sleep.

The good news is that the product will be launching next week and I hope to resume daily blogging and wrapping up some feature enhancements for the blog. Until then, please continue to check back frequently – I’ll try to keep the blog updates as often as time allows.

Thanks for your continued support.


2 thoughts on “A note to Daily Cartoonists

  1. I’m sorry it’s come to this Alan, but I’m going to have to dock your pay 10%. NOT! I think anything you provide out here is appreciated. I really enjoy it. Thanks for the time you are able to keep up with it. Don’t you just hate it when real work (paid that is) gets in the way?

  2. I agree. We appreciate the early morning blogging when you can do it and appreciate the updates and news whether frequent or less-frequent.

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