Wrap up on the great Ohio road trip

If you’ve been following the blog the last couple of weeks, you know I was invited to speak at the Lakeland Community College Comic Symposium. Craig Boldman, the chairman of the Great Lakes Chapter of NCS, took it upon himself to give me a big Ohio welcome. He helped get me in touch with Lucy Shelton Caswell and Jenny Robb of the Cartoon Research Library and set up a get-together with some of the cartoonists living in the Columbus area.

Visiting with members of the Great Lakes Chapter
Visiting with members of the Great Lakes NCS Chapter. On the left: Roy Doty, Jenny Robb, Alan Gardner, Daryll Collins, Dan Collins, Tony Cochran, Craig Boldman, and Steve Boreman.

The conversation was all over the place and included a wild Bill-Watterson-sighting story. Bill’s reclusiveness is famous, but I thought maybe it was not so acute for the local folks, perhaps even less for the area cartoonists. I was wrong. Apparently he’s wildly reclusive to everyone.

On Saturday, I attended the symposium. I was the last presenter of the day. There I met other presenters Ron Hill, an area caricaturist and freelance cartoonist (including editorial cartoons), and John Forgetta and Kathy Dow who work on the Meaning of Lila. Give me another day or two to get my presentation transcribed and I’ll post it for all to consider.

To all my new friends out in Ohio, I hope you’ll contact me if you’re ever coming through the Salt Lake area. I’ll make sure you have a grand time.