Little Orphan Annie classic collection planned

For those who love the classic comics, IDW’s announcement that they are going to print a hard-bound collection of Harold Gray’s Little Orphan Annie is going to be good news. Perhaps even better, they’re going to start with the strips that appeared in the mid-1930s so as not to overlap the collection that Fantagraphics has published.

Hat tip: Comics Reporter.

4 thoughts on “Little Orphan Annie classic collection planned

  1. I am very interested in finding out the title and/or getting hard copies of the LOA episode (published in the early or middle fifties) in which Annie discovers evidence of an alien or highly advanced pre-historic human civilization in the Western US mountains.

    Please respond by E-Mail if possible. THANKS!

  2. hi,
    Annie i love you but i want to act your film for my graduation can i

    i will realy like that you should accept


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