Pat Bagley still dishing it out in Utah

For those outside of Utah, the name Pat Bagley probably won’t mean much, but for us in Utah, Pat is THE big name in cartooning. For 27 years he’s been the editorial cartoonist at the Salt Lake Tribune and is either loved or reviled by politicians and other headliners. Last night the local news profiled him.

On working here in Utah:

“I really do love it here. I mean, the physical setting is beautiful, it’s gorgeous. The people are fairly interesting, the politics are definitely interesting. You know, why would I move?”

Over the years, Pat has produced a very popular series lambasting President Bush. You can now get them all together in a collection called, Clueless George Presidential Library.

If you have a Bush loather in your life, this is a great gift idea.

One thought on “Pat Bagley still dishing it out in Utah

  1. I’ve been following Bagley’s work for a couple of years now — and I don’t live anywhere near Utah! He does come up with some great cartoons.

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