Humorous Maximus launches Latigo classic comic strip

Dan Thompson, co-creator of the Humorous Maximums web site has announced the launch of the classic comic strip, “Latigo”. Latigo was created by Stan Lynde and is a western adventure (think Steve Canyon in cowboy boots) that ran from 1977 through 1983. Humorous Maximus has been granted the permission to run the full daily run.

Regarding the decision to run Latigo on HM, Dan says,

We chose LATIGO because, we love westerns,we love adventure strips, and I think thanks to the Internet we can bring back the fun adventure strips of the past for fans of comics to enjoy today. It also helped that Stan said yes.

Earlier, I’ve reported that Humorous Maximus has been given permission to re-run Milt Caniff’s work: Steve Canyon, Dickie Dare, and Male Call.