If youv’e ever wondered who submits ideas to Pluggers…

Dallas Morning News columnist Mike Peters as a write up about Reed Hover – a texan who has submitted sent in hundreds of ideas to Pluggers, the panel first created by Jeff MacNelly, now drawn by Gary Brookins.  Gary says he get’s a lot of submissions from Texas as well as a guy named Brad from South Carolina. Over-all he gets a hundred ideas via mail and hundreds more via email.

Years ago, when I was working for a paper here in Utah, the managing editor had a good Pluggerish quip.  I sent it in for her and a month or so later it was published.  A month or so later, she received a copy of that cartoon.

4 thoughts on “If youv’e ever wondered who submits ideas to Pluggers…

  1. Actually, I think it’s Russian. When I put it in an online Russian to English translator, it makes a lot more sense:

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