Zits features an easter egg (and not the kind delivered by a bunny)

Yesterday’s Zits had an easter egg. Not a real Easter egg, but a hidden novelty known only to Jim Borgman.  The strip featured Jeremy and his dad, Walter. Walter is wearing a t-shirt that says “Nutter Fort” in the first panel, “West Virginia” in the third and back to “Nutter Fort” in the last.  A Charleston Gazette reporter got Jim on the phone to figure what the special message was.

Borgman said he got the idea for the four-panel strip from DeVoge, a psychologist and close friend who moved to Cincinnati from Nutter Fort several years ago. The text is from actual advice DeVoge gave his son.

â??Tomâ??s a great storyteller,â? Borgman said. When he drew the strip, Borgman sneaked the words â??Nutter Fortâ? and â??West Virginiaâ? onto Jeremyâ??s dadâ??s shirt.

â??I just slipped that in as a little nod to Tom,â? he explained.

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