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Green Bay Press-Gazette – Frogs, butterflies raise $67,000 for Einstein Project

Back in April and June, I posted stories about editorial cartoonist Joe Heller’s participation in a fund raiser for the Einstein Project.  The project involved 40 artists who decorated statues of butterflies, frogs and beetles that would be placed in several locations throughout Green Bay and later auctioned off.  Last Tuesday the auction was held and Joe’s butterfly fetched $3,700 – the third highest for the evening.

Even so, artists, such as Joe Heller, Press-Gazette editorial cartoonist, who crafted a butterfly with drawings of local, state, national and world newsmakers, also waited to see for what their work would sell.

“I was nervous that it wouldn’t fetch a premium price,” he said.

It sold for $3,700, third highest for the evening.

“I was excited for what it fetched,” he said.

He noted his daughter was keeping track of the money that was raised.

Heller, whose piece was among the last sold, was anxious.

“The way the bidding was going, I was wondering if anyone would have any money for my piece,” he said.

You can see photos of Joe’s work on the Green Bay Gazette’s web site.

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