Michael Jantze, Keith Knight scheduled to take part in Artist-in-Residency program (UPDATED)

Cartoon Art Museum: Current Events:Artist-in-Residency ProgramThe Cartoon Art Museum will host a different professional cartoonist in its galleries as part of its new Artist-in-Residence program.  Museum patrons will see cartoonists at work on their latest projects and learn everything you ever wanted to know about cartoonists–but were afraid to ask.Featured artists include Paul Madonna, whose comic strip All Over Coffee appears four times a week in the San Francisco Chronicle.Keith Knight, award-winning creator of nationally-syndicated comics The ‘K’ Chronicles and th(ink), is the resident artist on Saturday, July 17, and Michael Jantze, creator of the nationally-syndicated daily comic strip The Norm, is scheduled for Saturday, August 28.

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KAL’s 3D cartoon of Bush gets a detailed write-up

In an age when computer users are looking for more and more sophistication in their ?content,? this was about as technically sophisticated as cartoons get.Cartoonists may need to get more sophisticated about computers in other ways, too.Even if they are not into full animation, many already have regular commentaries, or ?blogs,? and their own websites.Others, notably Daryl Cagle, are trying to sell their drawn cartoons via the Internet.That?s providing outlets for cartoonists who have been squeezed out of jobs at big newspapers in the last few years.  The number of full-time editorial cartoonists in the United States is now about 90, according to the association.Many cartoonists, myself included, have other jobs besides coming up with their concoctions of commentary, art and humor.What does this decline in full-time cartoonists mean?The president of the group, full-time cartoonist and Pulitzer winner Clay Bennett, wrote in November, ?There are few journalists in a newsroom who can define the tone and identity of a publication like an editorial cartoon does.

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Editorial Cartoonist wanted

Would you like to vent these feelings in public – under the blanket of the U.S. Constitution – and make a few bucks besides?The Times Herald-Record is looking for an editorial cartoonist to comment on local issues…. A sense of humor is a must.If you’re interested, send some samples (they cannot be returned) along with a resume to Bob Gaydos, editorial page editor, Times Herald-Record, 40 Mulberry St., Middletown 10940.

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