KAL’s 3D cartoon of Bush gets a detailed write-up

Tom Bone, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph sports writer and editorial cartoonist, has written the most detailed story to date about what KAL’s 3D cartoon does.

There on the screen was a moving, chuckling, head-bobbing caricature of President George W. Bush.

Kallaugher (known by his signature, ?Kal?) had sculpted a larger-than-life-size clay bust of the president, which was scanned by laser beams to create a three-dimensional image in a computer.

Then Kal and his young computer assistants could stretch and distort the image as much as their hearts desired ? and they desired much. The eyes blinked, the mouth curled up, the nostrils flared, and the ears ballooned out and back.

With the aid of gigabytes of memory and video-game joysticks, the creation can be made to react instantly with live performers ? such as TV talk-show hosts.

Tom does a great job in this article. Give it a read.

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