Lio in, Brevity out at the Peoria Journal Star

To tell a story without text while updating the pantomime concept with a modern audience in mind.”The result is a funny journey into the darkly detailed world of young Lio and his bizarre creature co-stars.In addition to his cartooning experience, Tatulli also is an accomplished filmmaker and animator and is the recipient of three Emmy Awards for his television work.  His recent experience includes graphics and animation for such shows as “A Wedding Story,” “Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls” and “Epicurious.”

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Pastis, Conley and Stromski explain last month’s cross over appearances

Part of it may be the fact that writing a comic strip is a lonely job.  Writing your peers into your strips is sort of their version of goofing off at the office water cooler or playing pranks on each other.”As I said to Darby before, it’s like we’re 6th-graders passing notes to each other, except we’re doing it in front of 25 million people,” Pastis says.

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Over the Hedge tails Da Vinci Code in weekend releases

Michael Fry and T Lewis’ movie “Over the Hedge” was up against two other new movies this week end….  The third and last place honor went to “See No Evil” which earned $4.4 million over it’s initial weekend.Over the Hedge has three more weeks to be the top animated movie in the theater until Disney/Pixar’s movie “Cars” is released on June 9.All figures are according to IMDB.

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