Scott Adams: ‘Unfit’ looking for new artist

On his blog, Scott Adams has posted that he is helping Mike Belkin, creator of ‘Unfit‘ find a new artist to take over the drawing of the feature.

The syndicated comic strip Unfit is looking for someone to take over the artwork. If you?ve seen the strip, you know it?s a great concept with lots of potential, but the artwork is holding it back.

Scott does not elaborate on the type of drawing style he’s looking for, but does offer some info on the pay cut.

The artist who is selected, if any, will get a cut of the revenue from newspapers and web syndication of Unfit. At the moment that wouldn?t keep you in tube socks. You?d be betting on the future. But you will get a lot of attention, both on this blog and with whatever publicity is generated.

I?ll also work with Mike and the new artist to make the strip more cruel, bizarre, cute, recognizable, clever and naughty.

Applicants should send their work to Mike’s email: and all work must be in by January 30th.