True love cartoons book ready for Valentines

Donna Barstow, who I mentioned in another recent posting, has a new book out in time for Valentines day. It’s called “Love Me or Go To Hell : True Love Cartoons” and it is already in its second printing.

My newest book is out now!! ( ’cause they moved it up for Valentine’s Day!) called Love Me or Go to Hell! True Love Cartoons in Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and every other bookstore in the universe. I’m the editor and do a hell of a lot of the cartoons, all about dating, men, and love sweet love. By Andrews McMeel. I’m so proud to say that it also includes cartoons by Liza Donnelly (The New Yorker), Anne Gibbons (greeting card fashionista), Stephanie Piro (extraordinary, and she draws feet, too), and Lynn Williams, a rare treat. The esteemed Barbara De Angelis wrote the forward.