Scott Adams does a cameo in ‘Dilbert’

I noticed Scott Adams had inserted himself into his Dilbert strip lately, but didn’t know if that was something he’s done before, but apparently it’s new according to this Baltimore Sun piece (free registration*). The cameo started Monday and is still going on today.

“There has always been an unwritten comic rule about violating the fourth wall (or third wall as I call it in the two-dimensional world),” Adams said yesterday in an e-mail. But he’s become a fan of fellow cartoonist Stephan Pastis’ wall-breaking work in his strip, Pearls Before Swine.

“The earth does not open up and swallow him. So I figured I was safe,” said Adams, whose strip appears in more than 2,000 newspapers.

*To see this article without going through the registration process, go this Google News search result page (searched on ‘Dilbert’) and click on the headline “Comic creator is drawn into world of ‘Dilbert.'” Sneaky, but it works.