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Erie Times-News Cuts 10 Dailies, Adds 2 Sundays

The Erie Times-News, after tallying their comics survey, has cut 10 comic strips and panels from their daily line-up. Gone are “Wallace The Brave,” “Mr. Boffo,” “Mary Worth,” “Lio” “Herman,” “Moderately Confused,” “Wumo,” “The Buckets,” “Shoe” and “Get Fuzzy.” Though I suspect not everyone will be amused by today’s comics pages, I hope you will […]

Posted on: Mar 18, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 0 Comments

Jim Scancarelli and The Eternal Walt Wallet

  Alex Dueben, at The Comics Journal, has a nice interview with Jim Scancarelli about his 40 years on Gasoline Alley. I have to ask, are Walt and Skeezix ever going to die? I’ve been asked that. In the back of my head, I have a scenario that would work. I have told Bob Harvey, […]

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CSotD: Lost Weekend

I’m as distracted as Mo — this has been quite a weekend, and if the worst outcome is a chunk of pineapple in your martini, you got away with a better taste in your mouth than the rest of us. It’s even worse than this. Ann Telnaes apparently drew this one before Trump first failed […]

Posted on: Mar 18, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 3 Comments

Comic Strip History, Lessons #292 – 296

Little Man on Campus by Dick Bibler And then there was Richard “Dick” Bibler, whom Richard E. Freiburg remembered as “easily the best known Oread Hall resident” of the late 1940s. Not for any hard-court or gridiron glories, mind you, but rather for his popular “Little Man on Campus” cartoon that appeared in the University […]

Posted on: Mar 17, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 0 Comments

CSotD: Happy Stepin McFetchit Day

The Barn pretty well summarizes the day. As an excuse to get blind drunk, it’s not bad. As a holiday saluting a nation, well, it’s only one day out of 365 and tomorrow all those fools will be at work hungover. That should be punishment enough, but feel free to cheerfully ask them if they’ve […]

Posted on: Mar 17, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 3 Comments

I Am Curious (Spider-Man)

  When The Amazing Spider-Man artist Alex Saviuk acknowledged the end of his and Roy Thomas‘s run on the comic strip he mentioned that “March 23 will be the last Daily and March 17 will be the last Sunday as we close out the current storyline.” And today’s March 17 Sunday strip certainly reads like […]

Posted on: Mar 16, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 1 Comment

CSotD: Sorting the bad from the meh

I’m going to start with an encouraging word from Mark Anderson at Andertoons, in these days of shutdowns and cutbacks and layoffs. There’s something worse than getting fired. Not getting fired. I’ve popped around a fair amount and I’m very familiar with the job that is fun until your boss leaves or until the place […]

Posted on: Mar 16, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 2 Comments

Hey Kids! Comics! Spring Released

above: Macanudo by Liniers Here are some comic strip and cartoon books scheduled for March 2019 release. Images and links via Amazon (though ordering through your local comic book shop is a good idea.)   Laptops Are So Warm: An Ask a Cat Collection     Just Like Rube Goldberg: The Incredible True Story of […]

Posted on: Mar 16, 2019,  Section: Books, Children's Books, Comic Books, Comic history, Comic strips, Graphic Journalism, Graphic Novels, Magazines, Comments: 0 Comments

Tom K. Ryan 1926 – 2019

  King Features has noted the passing of Tom K. Ryan.   Tom’s Tumbleweeds collections were some of my most favored comic books.   Ger Apeldoorn has a few Tumbleweeds comic strips at his site, including some of the first ones.   Here’s the beginning of a site dedicated to Tom and Tumbleweeds.   And […]

Posted on: Mar 15, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Obituary, Comments: 2 Comments

CSotD: Friday Funnies and the Meaning of Life

Not to worry, Pig. It’s Friday Funnies!   And you don’t have to actually turn it off, as Clyde demonstrates. You can just blow it off.   People like Winslow and Carmen will take care of everything for you. Hope you like their plans, by the way. The difference between Pig and Clyde being that […]

Posted on: Mar 15, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 2 Comments

NCSFest in Two Months – Are You Set?

  Only two months left to get your plans in order to attend the first NCSFest.     Join thousands as they enjoy a Comics and Cartoonist Carnival.     Here are a few that have already made plans to attend:   All the information you  need at the NCSFest website. The NCSFest Facebook page […]

Posted on: Mar 14, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 0 Comments

Interviews: MacKay, Kelley, Griffith, Fies

  An Unapologetic Political Cartoonist WELLS: I saw on Twitter, I mean I just saw a bit of it, but he apologized and then he sort of apologized for the apology. But people started giving a hard time for apologizing. MACKAY: I think the big difference there is that he’s a freelancer so he doesn’t […]

Posted on: Mar 14, 2019,  Section: AAEC-feed, Books, Cartoonist, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Graphic Journalism, Comments: 0 Comments

CSotD: Realpolitick, Realakademick

I know it goes against the rules of editorial cartooning, but let’s start with what Nancy Pelosi actually said: While Pelosi’s statement has drawn condemnation from several cartoonists at the left end of the spectrum, their outrage seems more idealistic than practical, little more than the same chants that MAGA crowds aimed at Clinton, with […]

Posted on: Mar 13, 2019,  Section: Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 2 Comments

Walking and Talking with Jerry Craft

Steve Sheinkin is an author of fiction and non-fiction works and he is an illustrator of fiction and non-fiction works. Sometimes he blends the fiction and non-fiction and sometimes he blends the prose and the illustrations. Anyway… Steve also does graphic interviews with authors and illustrators, which he calls Walking and Talking with… Here he […]

Posted on: Mar 13, 2019,  Section: Books, Cartooning, Children's Books, Comic strips, Graphic Journalism, Interviews, Comments: 0 Comments

Spinning the Cartoon Wheel Again

Whhhiirrrrr…clik…clik…clik…clak   Awards The Slate Book Review and the Center for Cartoon Studies are proud to announce the nominees for the seventh annual Cartoonist Studio Prize. The winner in each of our categories will be announced April 12. Each winner will receive $1,000 and eternal glory. On the shortlist of nominees for Best Web Comic […]

Posted on: Mar 12, 2019,  Section: Animation, Auctions, Awards, Cartooning, Comic strips, Legal, Newspaper industry, Off topic, web comics, Comments: 0 Comments