Paper Gets Sour Grapes from Tim Jones

Tim Jones, who lives in Smithfield with his wife, Kathy, daughters, Eily and Jillian, and large dog, Ezzy, has spent the past decade developing and refining “Sour Grapes,” a self-syndicated comic strip featuring “Aesop,” a miserable flying dog, living in a strange, problematic and troubled world along with his odd family and pet cloud, “Ominous.”

This week, “Sour Grapes” appears in The Breeze for the first time, and will run in the coming months as space allows.

Cartoonist Tim Jones has placed his Sour Grapes comic strip in a nearby newspaper.

The Valley Breeze (Lincoln, RI) introduces their readers to the comic strip with a nice profile of the cartoonist:

… Originally from Attleboro, Mass., he’s a cartoonist, freelance illustrator, author and comedian, and a member of the National Cartoonist Society and the Mid-South Cartoonist Association. He teaches cartooning, speaks at local schools and libraries and appears at various events, comic-cons and book signings.

Sour Grapes can now be found in 47 newspapers nationwide, and Jones said he believes it’s because there’s still a strong desire to read something fun and lighthearted compared to much of the news of the day.

His early comic strip, “Every Blue Moon,” ran in a few papers back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, also featuring Aesop the miserable dog, but though Aesop had a cape at the time, he couldn’t actually fly …

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  1. I wish the Sour Grapes comic strip got a syndicate deal with Andrews-McMeel or King Features or Creators to run in newspapers nationally.

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