The Sunday Color Comic Supplement

The current Mary Worth makes me wonder if June Brigman ever drew Angel and the Ape.

“According to my research” – No.

So Tom Batiuk has moved his Komix Korner format from Funky Winkerbean to Crankshaft.

Cricked necks are in the forecast.

Earth Day has been cancelled.

Yesterday Alley Oop and company blew up the planet.

But as the Liberty Meadows rerun shows, it’s happened before.

The moral of the story…

As long as we’re reading reruns Calvin and Hobbes has a lesson. As does Frank and Ernest (not rerun).


Andy Capp yesterday and Andy Capp today.

Mara Llave, Keeper of Time has a new monthly installment up.

No comment as I have to read the series to find out what is happening. Same with Saga of Brann Bjornson.

See that little bug (alien?) at the far right of the Close to Home screenshot above?

It’s been in John McPherson’s panels fairly regularly since August 2018 at least.

Today is the first time I noticed the li’l dingbat.

6 thoughts on “The Sunday Color Comic Supplement

  1. The Earth had also exploded last week. Doc Wonmug, Oola and Oop are trapped in some kind of time loop. Good story, so far, even if in these years I haven’t appreciated Sayers’ screenplays, too humorous for my tastes.

  2. McPherson’s first panel with the annoying “dingbat” was probably 13-Aug-2018; the earliest ones did not have legs and looked more like a “smiley” icon or “happy face” (depending on the expression). The artwork back then tended to be fairly crude, and some of the characters looked exceedingly revolting, prompting one CIDU reader to comment some months later: “Don’t all ‘Close to Home’ characters look like products of generations of inbreeding?

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