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Trump Invites Editorial Cartoonist to White House

above: the invitation

President Trump has invited editorial cartoonist Ben Garrison to the White House.

From Fortune:

President Donald Trump is hosting conservative social media personalities at a White House summit on July 11 to air their grievances about Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The guest list includes a who’s who of conservative groups. PragerU, an online video platform where conservative personalities, including Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro host shows, told Fortune they’ll be attending the summit.

Also attending will be Ben, who earlier this year was banned from Instagram.


hat tip to the disapproving Jake Tapper and Raw Story for the notice.



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#1 Ignatz
@ 7:25 am

Obviously, he has no real work to do.

#2 Kip Williams
@ 9:35 am

Meanwhile, a real bald eagle offers an unvarnished opinion:

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