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Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum recognized as Ohio historic journalism site

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum gets recognized:

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum (BICLM) has been recognized as the first Ohio historic journalism site selected by the Society of Professional Journalists, Central Ohio Professional Chapter (SPJ) and the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism.

The BICLM houses the world’s largest collection of materials related to cartoons and comics, including original art, books, magazines, journals, comic books, archival materials, and newspaper comic strip pages and clippings. The BICLM was established in 1977 and holds more than 2.5 million newspaper comic strips, 300,000 cartoons and 67,000 comic books. As an Ohio State University Libraries location, BICLM promotes the study and appreciation of cartoon art by sponsoring a variety of educational programs and publications.

The Billy Ireland carries notice of the honor.





Darrin Bell is first African American to win a Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartoons

Darrin Bell continues to get recognized as a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist.

From his old California alma mater in general and from Berkeley specifically.

The Washington Post talked to Darrin about Trayvon Martin being a turning point,

and National Public Radio expanded on that with a Darrin interview.

Well, the trial of George Zimmerman pretty quickly turned into the trial of Trayvon Martin as far as I was concerned. It seemed like it was a criminal trial of the person who had been killed. And half the country basically decided that Trayvon Martin was responsible for his own death before the trial even started. And they didn’t change their minds no matter what they saw. And around the same time, my wife and I found that we were pregnant with my first son. And it occurred to me that if he were to grow up and something like this were to happen to him, half the country would say he had it coming. And I wanted to protect him. The only way I knew how to do that was through cartoons. That’s what I do.

ABC News carried Darrin’s Pulitzer story.

People are requesting that their newspapers carry Darrin’s cartoons.

…why hasn’t The Herald carried cartoons by Darrin Bell, who recently won a Pulitzer Prize for his work?

…yet ignores Bell’s poignant work on police brutality, racism, voter rights and sex discrimination.





Another Cartoonist banned by Instagram

Cartoonist Ben Garrison reports he was banned from Instagram because, according to Instagram, he violated their community standards regarding hate speech.

On April 16 cartoonist Ben Garrison announced on Twitter that he had been banned by Instagram for supposedly “violating their terms.” But he said it more likely posting conservative speech Instagram didn’t like.

Just had @GrrrGraphics account banned on Instagram #censorship “account disabled for violating our Terms” or translated “You’re a threat to the Democrat narrative”

Ben did notify his fans that a new account was opened:

“GrrrGraphics just banned From Instagram! New instagram account is @grrrgraphicscartoons!

Bounding Into Comics and Media Research Center’s Newsbusters both carry the story.





Steve Stark Lecture

The Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County will host local writer and cartoonist Steve Stark for a history of American political cartoons at the Hjemkomst Center on Saturday, April 27, at 2.00 p.m. Stark’s lecture will explore the role of political cartoons in American literacy, community and democracy, surveying their long history in the United States, from Benjamin Franklin’s 1753 “Join or Die” design and the 19th-century creations of Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty to their peak influence during the golden age of print journalism at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Steve Stark presentation is part of the Lines with Power & Purpose: Editorial Cartoons exhibition.

Fargo Underground has the details.





More history

April 15, 1888 – The Augusta Chronicle publishes its first editorial cartoon.

121 years later The Chronicle explains the circumstances, but doesn’t identify the cartoonist.





Frank Hansen is Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer cartoonist

Frank Hansen‘s first cartoon for the Santa Clarita Valley Proclaimer appeared April 14, 2019.





Jim Hightower and Ted Rall Burning Bridges

Columnist Jim Hightower:

…But the worst enemy of America’s local and regional newspapers is not our ranting president, but a new breed of fast-buck hucksters who’ve scooped up hundreds of America’s newspapers from the bargain bins of media sell-offs.

The buyers are hedge-fund scavengers with nondescript names like Digital First and GateHouse. They know nothing about journalism and care less, for they’re Wall Street profiteers out to grab big bucks fast by slashing the journalistic staffs of each paper, voiding all employee benefits, shriveling the paper’s size and news content, selling the presses and other assets, tripling the price of their inferior product —then declaring bankruptcy, shutting down the paper and auctioning off the bones before moving on to plunder another town’s paper.

While Ted Rall lists consolidation among “things that were gonna save journalism.”

Ted Rall and Jim Hightower take on America’s two largest newspaper chains.



The Lucy as Editorial Cartoonist arc, beginning April 14, 1960, can be read at GoComics.