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David Rees starts new venture sharpening pencils

Get Your War On clip-art cartoonist David Rees has launched a new venture: sharpening pencils.

From The National Post:

The business plan is simple: just send him a No. 2 pencil in need of a good sharpening, and for the low, low price of $12.50 he?ll sharpen it, mail it back to you, and include a small plastic baggy containing the shavings, which you may save for posterity, or your children. In addition, each pencil is returned with a signed and dated certificate ?authenticating that it is now a dangerous object.? If you don?t happen to own a pencil, you can buy one from Rees for $15.

There is even a Facebook campaign to get him on the David Letterman show to demonstrate pencil-sharpening.

Community Comments

#1 Gregory Kogan
@ 12:29 pm

The things people do for money…

#2 Stacy Curtis
@ 1:12 pm

I will sharpen your pencil for $10.

#3 Bearman Cartoons
@ 5:47 pm

Does he guarantee against breakage during shipping?

#4 Jim Bertram
@ 2:57 am

I bet you could find people on Craigslist who will do it for a buck.

#5 Jason Nocera
@ 6:39 am

I’m going to sharpen pencils for free, but sell t-shirts.

#6 Mark McComas
@ 8:42 am

Wanna see a magic trick with this pencil? Why so serious?

#7 Pete McDonnell
@ 1:31 pm

Genius idea…wish I’d thought of it first. BTW, I’ll sharpen your pencils for $7.99. And it doesn’t have to be a no. 2, either. Anything from 5H to 5B, baby! HB’s & F’s too.

Free shipping!

#8 Ted Dawson
@ 4:57 pm

He’s shrewd. He knows people will have to send that pencil back at least a couple dozen times to keep it sharp.

#9 David Reddick
@ 11:32 am

Is there an extra cost to have it chewed on a little? I like my pencils chewed a little.

#10 Beth Cravens
@ 11:36 am

The small plastic baggie containing the shavings made me laugh

#11 Chad Townsend
@ 12:19 pm

I’d pay if they were Blackwing Pencils……. at least those pencils have historical and collectible value.

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