Jimmy Johnson’s Arlo and Janis turns 25

This Thursday, Jimmy Johnson’s Arlo and Janis will celebrate 25 in syndication.

From E&P:

“I really wanted to do a comic strip about a society of talking dogs, called ‘Baskerville,’ but talking-animal strips were out of favor with newspaper editors at the time, and young families were all the rage,” Johnson wrote on his site Monday. “Most of the family-oriented strips targeted at the baby boomlet of the 80s are gone now, and most of the mega-strips launched since then have involved talking animals, but I’m not complaining. Incidentally, a lot of us are again talking of moving to the country and growing much of what we need.”

3 thoughts on “Jimmy Johnson’s Arlo and Janis turns 25

  1. Congratulations to Jimmy. I have only dicovered the strip in the past couple of years and read it every day and really enjoy. Such a long time is a big achievement in this industry so well done and may there be many more.

    Love to have seen some samples of the talking dog strip…Phil

  2. I wanted to show my siblings teh strip where Arlo & Janis are at a party and the people there look really weird and she says to him,”You are the best looking man here!”
    I am the oldest in our family and we are all retired and when I fret about not looking great (like 50 years ago!) they usually say,”Oh, you’ll be the best looking one there.” Which reminds me of that cartoon!

  3. Hey Harry. Great news, and glad to hear that you’re involved in it. If the care you give in reoorsatitn on this blog and the early covers you prepared for KIRBY FIVE-OH are any indication, these should be some great looking books even beyond how great the source material is.

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