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Parade Magazine opening up to more cartoonists

Earlier, I reported the Parade magazine was going to start running cartoons by Dave Coverly and Carla Ventresca. E&P reports that last Sunday’s line up included Dan Piraro, Donna Barstow and Gary McCoy.

Community Comments

#1 Nancy C. Dolan
@ 5:07 pm

I miss seeing Howard Huge every Sunday. What has happen to the cartoon? Please let me know. Both my parents in the Bay Area and my husband and I in Southern California have enjoyed Howard Huge humor every week and really miss this one cartoon.

#2 Roy Delgado
@ 3:19 pm

According to a letter I recently received , dated December 13, 2007 from Parade Publications and signed by Ira Yoffe, Vice-President/Creative Director, the letter states: ” At this time, we have narrowed our list of contributing cartoonists to a select few. As a result of this decision, we are no longer reviewing unsolicited submissions. ”
So, Parade Magazine IS opening up to more cartoonists . . maybe a half-dozen or so at the most, so far . .

#3 Susan Vegiard
@ 9:38 pm

I’ve been following Parade cartoons since I was a child, and I have to tell you that I’m disappointed in what I’m reading now.

#4 Leon Barnett
@ 8:42 pm

wanted to send you some of my cartoons, They are pretty fuuny. sorry you don’t acept any unsolicited. Please let me know if you cahnge your mind


#5 Karen Strand
@ 4:37 pm

I’m a well published writer who is now looking into the cartoon market. How may I submit my cartoons to Parade?

Karen Strand

#6 Dale Stout
@ 8:06 am

I enjoy your writing and hope the cartooning goes well (I would just Parade on over there :)

#7 jeffrey thompson
@ 9:26 am

how do I submit some of my cartoons to your magazine.

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