Norm Feuti interviewed on radio program

Fans of Norm Feuti’s comic feature, Retail can listen to an interview that Norm did with Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones of WCBQ-WHNC-AM radio in North Carolina to promote his “Pretending You Care” book that hit book shelves earlier this week. A streaming audio of that 10 minute interview is available.

3 thoughts on “Norm Feuti interviewed on radio program

  1. I liked the commentary on the 120 days of Christmas. I never enjoyed that time of year when I worked in retail; especially when my place of employment thought it was really cool to start having the store open from “9-3 on X-MAS DAY!”… because, it’s not like one of the most fun aspects is opening presents in the morning or anything. They may as well of put up a sign that says, “We’re a heartless corporation that gives a rip about the ‘holiday’, but we ironically want the money you’re willing to spend on it. So shop here on the day of! ‘Cause the first thing on your mind when you and the kiddies get up should be, ‘I need to get to (insert store name here)!’ Unless of course you work here, which in that case, we’ll find a loophole to not have to pay you time and a half. Or ‘kindly’ let you have the next three to five days off to meet budget since we didn’t even make enough on Christmas to pay for the lights, much less you.”

    Opening AT 3 almost makes more sense to me, but to kill the morning for those who pulled the short straw so to speak, that’s just heartless. Fortunately, the year it was my turn, I got a new job… at a church… where I most definitely get Christmas off.

    But beyond that, it’s supposed to be a joyous time of year, and people will rip your head off if they read a sign wrong and think some thing’s 10% off on X-Mas Eve (“Sorry, ma’am, bears are not marked down just because there was a sale sign on the trucks.”) Or worse, all those people who feel it’s their civic duty, EVERY year, to visit all the retail stores and loudly declare, “Christmas stuff alreeeeadyyyyy. Huh-huh, but it’s only August.” Yes, because starting to stock stuff DURING the shopping season makes complete sense. 8(

    Thanksgiving however, being open isn’t so bad. I worked in a drug store and while we didn’t sell much food, there was a lot of stocking up on antacids. And you’re off by 3:30 or 4:30 anyway, so eating Thanksgiving dinner by 5 or 6 works out just fine. But Christmas morning?! C’mon!

    Uh… sorry for the rant; it’s just like Norm can see inside my brain sometimes.

  2. Thanks, Danny.

    I used to work at a convenience store when I was younger that was open 365 days a year. One year the planets aligned in such a way that Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day all fell on my normally scheduled work nights. And after working a full shift on each and every one of those holidays, I asked for a random Sunday night off to do something that was really important to me and the manger said, “Sorry, but I like to go out on Sundays, so I can’t cover for you.”

    That’s when me and convenience stores parted ways.

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