Parade Magazine opening up to more cartoonists

Earlier, I reported the Parade magazine was going to start running cartoons by Dave Coverly and Carla Ventresca. E&P reports that last Sunday’s line up included Dan Piraro, Donna Barstow and Gary McCoy.

7 thoughts on “Parade Magazine opening up to more cartoonists

  1. I miss seeing Howard Huge every Sunday. What has happen to the cartoon? Please let me know. Both my parents in the Bay Area and my husband and I in Southern California have enjoyed Howard Huge humor every week and really miss this one cartoon.

  2. According to a letter I recently received , dated December 13, 2007 from Parade Publications and signed by Ira Yoffe, Vice-President/Creative Director, the letter states: ” At this time, we have narrowed our list of contributing cartoonists to a select few. As a result of this decision, we are no longer reviewing unsolicited submissions. ”
    So, Parade Magazine IS opening up to more cartoonists . . maybe a half-dozen or so at the most, so far . .

  3. I’ve been following Parade cartoons since I was a child, and I have to tell you that I’m disappointed in what I’m reading now.

  4. wanted to send you some of my cartoons, They are pretty fuuny. sorry you don’t acept any unsolicited. Please let me know if you cahnge your mind


  5. I enjoy your writing and hope the cartooning goes well (I would just Parade on over there 🙂

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