Ed Hall – RIP

Editorial cartoonist Ed Hall has passed away.

Hugh Edward (Ed) Hall

September 26, 1962 – May 19, 2024

Emmy announced Ed had passed on his Facebook page:

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I share that Ed passed away on Sunday. He bravely battled cancer over the last 8 years, never letting it slow his creativity. Ed was a talented artist, cartoonist, designer and teacher. His artwork brought joy, his teaching inspired others and his cartooning sparked conversation. He loved engaging with you all as friends and followers. He is at peace now and reunited with loved ones and his beloved Remmy.

The hundreds of responses, scores of them from fellow cartoonists, shows the love Ed generated.

From the obituary:

Hugh Edward “Ed” Hall, 61, passed away peacefully on the evening of May 19 in his home after a lengthy battle with cancer with his beloved wife by his side.

Ed was a talented artist, cartoonist, designer, and teacher. His artwork brought joy, his teaching inspired others, and his cartooning sparked conversation.

From the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists profile:

Ed Hall graduated from The University of Florida with a Master’s degree in Fine Art. While in college he did political cartoons and illustrations for The Florida Independent Alligator, UF’s school newspaper.

After college Hall worked for several weekly publications in and around Jacksonville, and finally settled at The Baker County Press in Macclenny (just outside of Jacksonville) where he continues to work as the weekly cartoonist.

From Ed’s biography at Muck Rack:

Ed’s cartoons and political illustrations have been featured in The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Tallahassee Democrat, The New York Time’s Scope Magazine and on CNN Headline News. In 2003 he was asked to join Artizans, a Canadian based syndicate. Through Artizans, Ed’s cartoons appear weekly in newspapers across North America.

Ed’s archive at Artizans has over 5,000 cartoons from February 2003 to his latest from this month.

Dozens of those cartoons plus some of his illustrations are viewed larger at Ed’s Halltoons site.

We’ll mention that Ed has been a favorite at The Daily Cartoonist, frequently turning up in Mike’s CSotD.

Some of Ed’s fine art is available for viewing at Ed Hall Art and on his Facebook page, among the many tributes.

A local profile of Ed and Emmy from two years ago:

Despite his social interactions being limited for the past couple of years by personal health issues and pandemic restrictions, San Marco resident Ed Hall’s voice and visual commentary have been seen and heard in publications in the U.S. and around the world. Hall’s profound and wickedly hilarious political and editorial cartoons and award-winning illustrations deliver painful and poignant truths about the human condition.

Hall’s megawatt smile and good natured, sociable, easy-going manner disguise a dedicated, hard- working, illustrator. Syndicated since 2000, he produces at least two cartoons a week (usually 10) as well as contributing to the Baker County Press where his work has been published for 30 years. But cartoons are just a small bit of his prodigious talent. Hall has won numerous awards for his fine art (his first at age 12) and exhibits locally at The Vault Gallery in San Marco.

Our sincerest condolences and deepest sympathies to Ed’s family and friends.

18 thoughts on “Ed Hall – RIP

  1. My God!
    Ed just kept going despite Cancer trying to get its claws into him. Another great cartoonist who deserved to live forever. One of the really good guys who will be missed by all his cartooning colleagues.

  2. I AM IN SHOCK……. WHAT A LOSS. A DEAR FRIEND who welcomed me into the AAEC…. never hesitated to say “join us Deb”. He shared his talent and self. The last time I saw him in person was at a convention when he said “you didn’t hear??? It’s back”. Again more shock. How brave he was. My heart goes out to his devoted wife and partner Emmy. WHAT A FIGHTER. SO MUCH TALENT TAKEN FROM US WAY WAY TOO SOON. DAMN!!!!. RIP Dear Ed.

  3. Rest in Peace my old friend. Over 35 years of knowing you and Emmy. My heart weighs heavy over the sadness of this news. I’ll never forget the good times we had and regret not getting up with you in recent times as we so often talked about. I’ll forever remember your laughter and kindness you always shared.

  4. Ed was a giant in the editorial cartooning world. Prolific and creative. Always a joy to behold what his latest cartoon was about. He had a great following here in Canada and around the world as well as the USA. He’ll be missed by cartoonists and his many fans.

  5. I was heartbroken to learn of his death, and I’m just a fan. He was so witty and was able to convey the cartoon’s intent with such simplicity. My condolences to his family and those who knew him.

  6. Ed was one of the most relentless true artist talents among us. I loved – and hated – looking through his beautiful drawings in his sketchbook. Ed’s rough sketches belong in a museum. Amazing natural talent enhanced by his passion for life. His passion was contagious. He left his mark on many hearts. Love you, man.

  7. Such a great loss of a dear friend and a remarkably talented colleague. We’d been in frequent touch after he informed me that he was in home hospice. But, I didn’t realize the end was so imminent. His final words to me last Wednesday were simply to “remember the good times.” With a memorable man like Ed Hall, that part’s easy. It’s the enormous hole left behind that’s the hard part.

  8. I met Ed at the 2016 AAEC convention in Durham.
    He had asked me, after seeing a photo of my mom, if he could draw her.
    When we got to Durham, he brought out that incredible drawing and gave it to me.
    Ed was a mentor and a friend to me, and the world is a little dimmer now.

  9. Dearest Ed’s family
    Ed was been a mainstay for so many of us. His gift has gotten us through the worst of times and best. Never thought we would be saying goodbye so soon. Thank you for sharing him with us. He will be profoundly missed.

  10. So sad to hear this news. Ed was a true talent as an artist, journalist, and editorial cartoonist. His positivity, energy and smile were a welcome sight I’d look forward to once a year at AEEC conventions. Condolences to his family – he will be missed!

  11. I remember attending the AAEC gathering in Columbus in 2022. It was my first time, and Ed was sitting next to me. When I told him who I was, he encouraged me to actively participate– no, he *commanded* me. “You have ideas; people need to hear from you! Speak up!” He was the first cartoonist (though not the last) that I’d admired for years, and finally got to meet in person. He was not only inspiring in his art, but equally inspiring in his perspective– everything is an opportunity. Take as many of them as you can. Talk about living by example…

  12. I first met Ed at AAEC in the late 1990s as editor of international syndication at Tribune. He was well known in Florida and an award winner for the Baker County Press where he gave the paper a national awareness. Because he drew for a weekly for decades, he could look backward and forward at issues still in the news. His work reflected a community viewpoint anchored in Florida.

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