Obituary Redux

Since The Daily Cartoonist has reported the deaths of Don Wright, Bob Beerbohm, and Trina Robbins others, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, have noted their passing.

Don Wright

The New York Times

Don Wright, Editorial Cartoonist With a Skewer for a Pen, Dies at 90

He won two Pulitzers for Florida newspapers, commenting wryly on war, segregation, church scandals and more while reaching readers nationwide through syndication.

The Washington Post (or via MSN)

Don Wright, editorial cartoonist with a piercing pen, dies at 90

… an editorial cartoonist who turned his gimlet eye and piercing pen on society in work that appeared in newspapers across the United States and was twice honored with the Pulitzer Prize, died March 24 at his home in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Cox Media Group

Don Wright, Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist, dead at 90

Don Wright, an editorial cartoonist who won two Pulitzer Prizes for his pointed wit, died at his Florida home on March 24, his wife said Sunday.

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonist

Remembering Don Wright

The news recently broke that Don Wright, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, has died at age 90. He drew some 11,000 cartoons during a 45-year career, and while Wright only ever worked for two Florida papers, The Miami News and The Palm Beach Post, his work was seen around the world.

Bob Beerbohm

The New York Times

Robert Beerbohm, 71, Dies; Pioneering Comic Book Retailer and Historian

A professed archaeologist of the industry, he opened his own stores and partnered with other experts and vendors in the nascent comics business.

The Comics Journal

Remembering Comics Retailer and Historian Robert Beerbohm, 1952-2024

In the wake of Beerbohm’s passing, we reached out to a number of notable comics academics, writers and historians, and asked them to share their memories about Beerbohm and their impressions of his influence.

Trina Robbins

The Washington Post (or via MSN)

Trina Robbins. cartoonist who elevated women’s stories, dies at 85

She put out the first American comic book created entirely by women. Years later, she chronicles the histopry of female comics artists, writing books that excavated the stories of overlooked writers and illustrators.

The New York Times

Trina Robbins, Creator and Historian of Comic Books, Dies at 85

Obsessed with comics from a young age, she was a pioneer in a male-dominated field and later documented the contributions of other women.


Trailblazing Comics Icon Trina Robbins Dies At Age 85

… a groundbreaking cartoonist who expanded the visibility of women in comics through her art, writing, scholarship and advocacy over a career that spanned more than six decades, died today at age 85 following a stroke that left her hospitalized earlier this year.

Capitol Weekly

Trina Robbins: Cartoonist, Historian and Lady of the Canyon

Trina Robbins, 1938-2024,  was a once in a lifetime original, a spitfire of passion, determination, and talent who would burst into a scene and shake things up. A cartoonist, a fashion designer, a historian…a presence.

Comics Beat/Heidi MacDonald

Remembering Trina Robbins

I probably met Trina Robbins at my first full San Diego Con in 1985. I’m not sure what the circumstances were but Trina always had an eye out for women in comics, and I was writing for various comics magazines of the time so she must have known we were kindred souls. Also, you could fit all the women in comics into one room – or on one panel – so we would all end up hanging out…

Keith Knight

Update: Paul Trap’s Trina Tribute