On the Road to Becoming a Cartoonist; or, The Sandra Bell-Lundy Story

I still can’t believe I’ve spent my working life creating a comic strip for a living. There is nothing else I aspired or aspire to be. How damn lucky can a person be?

Sandra Bell-Lundy relives her early life as a cartoonist aborning.

The idea of syndication didn’t actually occur to me on my own. A woman I was working with while designing newspaper ads for a business I worked for is the person who set the wheels in motion. She knew I liked to draw cartoons because I would draw them to use in our advertisements. She researched syndication and the syndicates and suggested we try to work on a comic strip together. She would write and I would draw.

Sandra recounts her first success as she gets her comic strip into a local paper.

At this point, I had managed to convince the St. Catharines Standard (my local paper) to print my comic from Monday to Saturday.

above: a very early Just Between Friends comic strip from September 5, 1990

Just Between Friends ran in the St. Catharines Standard beginning September 3, 1990 and spread through self-syndication to a few other Canadian newspapers. And then…

It wouldn’t be too much later that I was contacted by Jay Kennedy who wanted to work with me to develop my comic for possible syndication.

above: the first King Features distributed Between Friends of February 21, 1994

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