Comics From The Alley

No, not Hogan’s Alley.

the alley is the monthly newspaper of the Phillips Community in Minneapolis, and for years they have featured Dave’s Dumpster and Spirit of Phillips) by Dave Moore & Linnea Hadaway.

Recently the Alley added Fire Boy by Jude Anikpo (age 11) in their May 2024 edition.

(apologies for the awkward split of the full page)

The comic strip earned a letter of praise from regular cartoonist Dave Moore and Linnea Hadaway:

Kudos to the alley editorial staff for publishing Fire Boy by Jude Anikpo. We’re delighted to see another comic gracing these pages!
Jude’s action-packed, nicely-designed panels are inspiring and fun. We hope other artists will be encouraged to share their creative work with the neighborhood – we know you’re out there!
In the meantime, we eagerly await Fire Boy II.

It seemly inspired Dave Moore to create a comic strip, Alley Kat, for the June 2024 issue with familiar faces.

A 15 year archive of the alley cartoons.